Is Chiropractic Safe During Pregnancy?

Another often-asked question in our practice is "How safe are chiropractic procedures during pregnancy"?

Many women experience back pain during pregnancy due to the extra and unusual weight placed on the spine. Provided that the chiropractic procedure is carried out gently and with the extra care required in order not to create any detrimental affect on the expectant mum or baby, there is no good reason why chiropractic wouldn't provide relief from discomfort.

In fact studies have shown that by providing a consistent programme of chiropractic care for the mum-to-be in pregnancy the nervous system and spine display healthy benefits before, during and after the birth. There is certainly no need to cease chiropractic care due to pregnancy – posture is equally important at any time, perhaps even more so during pregnancy. As with anything else in life where common sense rules should be applied, and particularly involving the body, provided that care is sensitively followed there is little likelihood of anything untoward resulting.

Regular adjustments as deemed necessary by the chiropractor should be carefully considered allowing for the individual circumstances. Post natal chiropractic has also been found to have beneficial effects for a return to normal spine and pelvic posture.

In short, and as a general rule, chiropractic care may be applied safely through all stages of pregnancy and thereafter.

Chiropractors work on the principle of reducing interference so the nervous system and body can work better. Providing that any symptom or condition is occurring as a result of nerve interference from vertebral subluxation, there is a very good chance that it will improve with chiropractic care.