It Is National Pain Week 24-30 July 2017and your Camberwell Chiropractors are well positioined to help you eliminate or reduce your neck and back pain.  Poor posture is one of the main contributing factors to neck and back pain.  Many people have developed a generally poor posture. This is possibly through laziness or maybe just plain ignorance of what the outcome of poor posture can produce. The upshot is that those walking, standing and sitting with poor posture are building future health problems for themselves without being aware of the fact.

Any chiropractor will happily advise you on your posture for good health. One of the first points they will cover with you is that too much slouching with shoulders hunched forward is very likely, over a period of time, to cause mis-alignments in the vertebrae of the spine. These 'subluxations' will, in turn, contribute to interference with the normal working of the spine and the nerves associated with it. The result invariably is that normal activity is virtually impossible without discomfort or even severe pain.

Good posture, like many things in life, is a matter of practice. If you are prepared to put a little effort into creating the type of posture your body really needs for good health, it won't take very much in terms of energy to establish a habit of 'good posture'. All you have to do is literally to pull yourself up each time you become aware of 'slouching'. The results will be self-evident in fewer aches and pains and problems with shoulders, neck and spine; hips, knees and feet will also benefit over time. Of course, you have to want to do it.

In addition to the obvious benefit of pain-free muscles, joints and ligaments the effects on overall health are also noticeable within a short space of time. The body's core slowly collects and strengthens itself to provide greater stamina. This enables you to 'last longer' in many daily tasks, both physical and mental. This stamina will accumulate over time and act as a build-up and storage for later life; many believe that it effectively extends life itself.

Good posture as opposed to the other sort has been shown to promote overall good health – you will know when your posture can be described as 'good' because you will sense that it's right for you; it will feel the correct body position for you as an individual. What you are looking for is one that is comfortable and becomes the norm.

Chiropractors work on the principle of reducing interference so the nervous system and body can work better. Providing that any symptom or condition is occurring as a result of nerve interference from vertebral subluxation, there is a very good chance that it will improve with chiropractic care.