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How long should I continue my visits to the chiropractor?

Well, of course, the straight answer to this is that you can continue your visits to the chiropractor for as long as you wish to benefit from chiropractic care. It is all a matter of consideration of the prevailing circumstances and your condition – not forgetting your frame of mind once your chiropractor has brought your body back to a normal happy state.

There are essentially three ways of looking at the question:

  • You could, once you have finished your initial chiropractic care and the symptoms have eased, wait to determine if you feel pain from the same region and arrange another visit for attention only then
  • Once the symptoms have eased, you could choose to follow a programme of care for rehabilitation. Some conditions involving spine and subluxations and the resulting discomfort do tend to return for a variety of reasons; to wait for this to occur risks possibly worsening the situation. The objective in this option is to prevent, as far as possible, a recurrence of the initial problem. Regular observation by an experienced chiropractor is more likely to achieve this than waiting for the pain to come back and then looking into the reason why.
  • Looking at more long term options, you could consider an approach to maintain the new improved you. The intermittent maintenance check to keep a watching brief on the area that has previously given trouble makes for good housekeeping in the region of chiropractic care. Remembering that the appearance or lack of symptoms is not necessarily a true indication of the actual condition, it makes good sense to have a check up regularly after the main care has been completed.
  • ‘Health enhancement’ or ‘wellness’ care is designed to give you the opportunity to get the most out of your chiropractic care. Better communication between your brain and organs, via a healthy nervous system, will allow you to enjoy the best health your body can muster for you.

Any of these scenarios would work well, except that the latter two would probably make more sense because by following this course your risk of the condition worsening would be less.

There are several factors which could influence the 'healing time' once you've had your adjustment. These include, but aren't restricted to: your age, the severity and length of time you've had the condition; nutrition – what you eat can make a difference to your recovery; occupation, posture and stress. All things considered it is probably wise to speak with your chiropractor to determine the after-care your individual condition will require and if it is best served by continued visits.

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