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Do all patients receive the same standard of chiropractic care?

Chiropractic procedures, as mentioned elsewhere, are created for individuals. Whereas there is no 'standard' treatment for heart surgery in medicine so it is with chiropractic care and how your spine is affected by the stress or injury to it. You, as an individual, need to be cared for as such. It is common sense that someone aged 11 with a subluxation in the spine will require less pressure during the procedure to correct, and possibly fewer adjustments than, say, a 50 year old whose muscles and skeleton may not be as pliable.

Chiropractic procedures are tailored to the individual patient's general condition, spinal situation and age. Also taken into consideration would be any special circumstances or illness the patient may have that could affect the care provided by the chiropractor. Naturally differing circumstances will, to a certain degree, dictate the type of procedure offered and the frequency. These circumstances will vary from the type of tissue requiring attention – nerves, muscles, organs, ligaments or tendons – the level of damage and pain and what effects there may be, if any, of the patient's occupation.

However, when we compare the actual quality of care we find no difference between those in receipt of chiropractic care – each individual receives the same care according to the individual!

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