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Is chiropractic care safe?

A question asked only rarely of chiropractic procedures these days. One could just as easily ask "How safe is it going to the gym"? Or, "How safe is indoor rock-climbing"? Even, "How safe is it getting out of bed"? Yes, chiropractic is safe, possibly safer, than most things. With everything there's a risk of sorts – chiropractic is no different. In the same way as you risked your neck putting it out, there's a very minimum risk when it goes back in! Seriously, chiropractic care is very safe, if only for the fact that those who practice the art do so from a highly trained standpoint.

Chiropractors perform their adjustments or re-alignments on millions of people around the world every working day with the resulting relief and easing of pain provided for countless sufferers. The very rare risk of infrequent strain/injury to a ligament or disc in the neck (less than 1 in 139,000) or the lower back (1 in 62,000) is really too low to be too concerned over. The comparison of chiropractic care and a course of anti-inflammatory drugs to alleviate the pain of a mis-alignment has demonstrated conclusively that chiropractic is 250 times safer (1).

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