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What Is An Adjustment?

The simplest description for a chiropractic adjustment is that it is a specific movement of the spine or other area of the body to correct the lost or aberrant movement of vertebrae or a joint. There's really nothing more complicated about an adjustment than this. Of course there are many ways for a chiropractor to effect an adjustment and just as many ways to describe the procedure.

Depending on where on the body the adjustment has to be made determines the style and form of the procedure. Generally speaking, though, a chiropractic adjustment involves a specific and controlled pressure or force being applied in a specific direction to a fixed or locked joint in order to 'unseize' it. The purpose of this procedure is to improve the spinal function, nervous system function, remove muscle tension, and boost general health.

After years of training and clinical experience, each chiropractor at our practices is highly skilled in delivering a variety of trusted adjustment methodologies for your health and wellness.

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